Xerox revamps performance appraisal system

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Xerox revamps performance appraisal system

Xerox Revamps Performance Appraisal System Xerox Corporation was faced with a problem its performance appraisal system was not working. Rather than motivating the employees. Its system was leaving them discouraged and disgruntled. Xerox recognized this problem and developed a new system to eliminate it.

The appraisal occurred once a year. It required employees to document their accomplishments. The manager would assess these accomplishments in writing and assign numerical ratings. The appraisal included a summary written appraisal and a rating from 1 unsatisfactory to 5 exceptional.

The ratings were on a forced distribution, controlled at the 3 level or below. Merit increases were tied to the summary ration level. Merit increase information and performance appraisals occurred in one session. This system resulted in inequitable ratings and was cited by employees as a major source of dissatisfaction.

In fact, the Reprographic Business Group RBGXeroxs main copier division, reported that 95 percent of its employees received either a 3 or 4 on their appraisal.

Merit raises for people in these two groups only varied by 1 to 2 percent.

Xerox revamps performance appraisal system

Essentially, across-the-board raises were being given to all employees, regardless of performance. The task force itself was made up of senior human resources executive; however, members of the task force also consulted with councils of employees and a council of middle managers.

Together they created a new system, which differed from the old one in many key respects: The absence of a numerical rating system. The presence of a half-year feedback session.

The provision for development planning.

Xerox revamps performance appraisal system

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And when it comes to SSDs, Intel has been a forerunner for years now. Xerox corporation was faced a problem - its employee performance appraisal system was not working. Rather than motivating the employees, its system was leaving them discouraged and disgruntled. Xerox recognized this problem and developed a new system to eliminate it.

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