Writing a company profile format

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Writing a company profile format

On February 2,exactly years from the day George Eastman introduced the Brownie camera, a group of Kodak researchers, inventors and business strategists met at the company's Rochester headquarters to speculate on what the next years might bring to their industry.

All agreed that the true power of imaging has barely been tapped--and that the advances of this century will vindicate Eastman's dream of making communicating with pictures as easy as 'using a pencil.

The company's health imaging unit specializes in products and services for radiography, cardiology, dental, mammography, oncology, and ultrasound imaging. Other Kodak products include motion picture films, audiovisual equipment, microfilm products, and optics and optical systems.

Photography for the Masses The company bears the name of its founder, George Eastman, who became interested in photography during the late s while planning a vacation from his job as a bank clerk in Rochester, New York. Taking a coworker's suggestion to make a photographic record of his intended trip to Santo Domingo, the year-old Eastman soon found that the camera, film, and wet-plate-developing chemicals and equipment he had purchased were far too bulky.

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Instead of following through with his original vacation plans, Eastman spent the time studying how to make photography more convenient. He discovered a description of a dry-plate process that was being used by British photographers.

He tried to replicate this process in his mother's kitchen at night after work. After three years Eastman produced a dry glass plate with which he was satisfied. In he obtained a U. Strong, a local businessman impressed by Eastman's work, joined him on January 1,to form the Eastman Dry Plate Company.

writing a company profile format

Eastman left his position at the bank later that year to give his complete attention to the new company. The new venture almost collapsed several times during its early years because the quality of the dry plates was inconsistent and Eastman insisted that the defective plates be replaced at no charge to the customer.

Despite these setbacks, he was determined to make the camera 'as convenient as the pencil.

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In he introduced a new film system using gelatin-coated paper packed in a roll holder that could be used in almost every plate camera available at that time.

Strong was president and Eastman treasurer and general manager of the shareholder corporation.

writing a company profile format

The company also opened a sales office in London in to take advantage of the growing European photography market. In Eastman's company introduced its first portable camera. After shooting the roll of film, the owner sent both the film and the camera to Rochester for processing.

This breakthrough is considered to be the birth of snapshot photography. It was also at this time that Eastman trademarked 'Kodak,' which he invented by experimenting with words that began and ended with his favorite letter, 'K. The company built a manufacturing plant in outside London to accommodate the growing product demand overseas and set up additional distribution sites in France, Germany, and Italy by Eastman was committed to bringing photography to the greatest number of people at the lowest possible price.Upgrade your job search with Monster’s best professional resume writing services.

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A multinational corporation whose name and film products are familiar to photographers around the world, Eastman Kodak Company is a diversified manufacturer of equipment, supplies, and systems in consumer and professional imaging, including films, photographic papers, one-time-use and digital cameras, printers and scanners, photoprocessing services, photofinishing equipment, and .

7+ Sample Company Profile Samples; 7+ Sample Company Profiles; 29+ Company Profile Samples; 6+ Business Profile Samples; As a company profile is an effective way of demonstrating your reputation and credibility, you would need to put thought and effort into making them. How to Write a Company Profile.

How to Write a Company Profile? Serving as the resume of the company, a Company Profile should present the main details and highlight the strengths of the company.

Jun 14,  · A well-written company profile is an effective way to introduce the business to the potential customers and other stakeholders. A company profile is a professional introduction of the business and aims to inform the audience about its products and lausannecongress2018.com: Richa.

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