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Thesis cliparts

A terminal upswing at the end of phase III Occurs in obese patients and in pregnant subjects where thoracic compliance is reduced Etiology Slow alveoli empty out more evenly expiratory flow rate is more constant and the increase in PCO2 is spread more evenly over the tidal volume Fast alveoli empty fast initially and then slow down.

Most of the expirate leaves in the first second at almost constant PCO2. Towards the end of expiration, there is only a small amount of expired gas flow thereby increasing PCO2 steeply.

From the fast alveolar compartments, there is a rapid initial emptying of gases. The high initial expiratory flow rate implies that most of the gases leaving the alveoli has a rather constant FCO2 and is responsible for the near-horizontal initial part of phase III in CO2 trace.

This is because, in the later part of expiration, the delayed alveolar emptying results in higher FCO2 due to the continuous release of CO2 into the alveoli. Normally, the alveolar gases with high CO2 may remain within the airways anatomical dead space and are not analyzed by the CO2 sensor at the mouth.

However, the use of large tidal volumes and low-frequency ventilation enables these gases to reach the mouth where the CO2 sensor registers high FCO2. The slow compartments empty at a more even pace producing a positive slope from the beginning of phase III, as more time is allowed for CO2 to accumulate in the alveoli.

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As the expiratory flow rate decreases towards the end of expiration, the slope of phase III increases steadily. The combined effect of the emptying characteristics of different alveoli determines the shape of the alveolar plateau in an capnogram during IPPV. The low total thoracic compliance of obese patients is associated with rapid initial emptying of the lungs and phase III of the resulting capnogram predominantly resembles the one produced by the fast compartment: Pregnant subjects resemble obese subjects in some features, namely, reduced functional residual capacity FRC and low total thoracic compliance.

Additionally, CO2 production is increased in pregnancy. The single breath test for carbon dioxide. In Miller RD, ed. Applied Physiology, ed 3. Terminology and the current limitations of time capnography: J Clin Monit ; The concept of dead space with special reference to the single breath test for CO2.

Pitfalls of time capnography

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Thesis cliparts

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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Time capnography is a convenient method, commonly used in anesthetic practice to monitor ventilation.

There are, however, subtle but important limitations of this process

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