Ssrc dissertation proposal

The program is open to all students, regardless of citizenship, who are currently matriculated in a PhD program at an accredited institution in the United States. The program seeks young scholars who are interested in strengthening their dissertation research plans through exposure to the theories, literatures, methods, and intellectual traditions of disciplines outside their own.

Ssrc dissertation proposal

The Graduate School does not accept transfer credit in lieu of the 9 letter-graded minimum course requirement. Two types of advanced courses, Independent Study or Projects and Research, are applicable to residency credit but bear restrictions concerning either when they may be taken during a student's academic career or total allowable credits: Program courses identified as Research, may be taken for one, two, three, or four course units per quarter.

Generally, this registration is not available to students until a core of basic courses has been completed. Students who are funded and who register for less than three units must also register for TGS All course requirements for a doctoral program must be completed by the end of the twelfth quarter.

Ssrc dissertation proposal

Students in quarters thirteen and above may register for non-required coursework in addition to TGS if the courses are related to the student's area of study.

Grading for advanced year registrations must adhere to existing grading policies.

Ssrc dissertation proposal

Approved leaves of absence or parental accommodation may alter the residency timeline. Individual programs may waive program-specific course requirements based on work completed outside of the graduate program either prior to or after enrollment at Northwesternbut all doctoral students must complete nine quality letter-graded ABC courses authorized by The Graduate School for graduate credit, fulfill eight quarters of residency, and maintain a 3.

Admission to candidacy is contingent upon the recommendation of the student's department or program and upon approval of The Graduate School. A student must be admitted to candidacy by the end of the third year of study, which falls on the last date of the 12th quarter.

Deadlines will be altered in the case of an approved leave of absence or parental accommodation. Admission to candidacy is reached by passing a comprehensive qualifying examination, written or oral or both. Individual departments or programs determine the character of this examination. At the time of admission to candidacy, proficiency in the major and related fields is certified and additional requirements for the PhD degree are stipulated.

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Students should be aware of requirements for admission to candidacy established by both the department or program and the Graduate Faculty. The program must submit approval of this form before the end of a student's third year. Following the submission of the approved Qualifying Exam form in SES students are admitted to candidacy.

Students are notified via email by TGS of approval of their Qualifying exam form and admission to candidacy. The prospectus must be approved by a faculty committee.

Promoting innovative research worldwide

A minimum of three individuals must serve on the prospectus committee. At least two members of this committee, including the chair, must be members of the Northwestern University Graduate Faculty.

The program must approve this form online before The Graduate School enters the final approval. Students are notified via email by The Graduate School of approval of their prospectus form.

Dissertations must acknowledge assistance received in any of the following areas:News View all → August 7 th The International Dissertation Research Fellowship () is accepting applications. Deadline: November 7, June 27 th The International Dissertation Research Fellowship program announces its cohort of 70 fellows, whose research spans the breadth of the social sciences and humanities, as well as virtually every region of the world.

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship Frequently Asked Questions When I log in to the SSRC Online Application Portal (SOAP), there is a notification that an account is already associated with my email address even though I've never applied before.

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Admissions. Thank you for your interest in The Graduate School (TGS) at Northwestern University. Our admission pages are designed to help you easily navigate the application process.

PhD Prospectus. Students must have a prospectus (dissertation proposal) approved by their committee no later than the end of the fourth year of study, which falls on the last date of the 16th quarter. Promoting innovative research worldwide. Since , the SSRC has awarded more than fifteen thousand fellowships to researchers around the globe.

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