Rong chang writing a book

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Rong chang writing a book

Writing fearlessly—read on to find out how. The emotional fears of letting go were at the heart of why I was afraid to take new steps in my life.

When we cleared the clutter, we started with the hardest thing to part with — a box of my work triumphs from a decade earlier. But once that was gone, everything else was easier to let go of, and it made room to envision a new future.

It was the same with writing the book — by getting at something very personal first, the rest was easier to tell, I felt rong chang writing a book to be myself.

I thought a lot about what the reader needed to know in order for the story to resonate — many personal details can and should stay private. But if there was a reader out there who felt as alone as I did when I first started facing my fears, if it would help them to know what I went through, then it was important to share.

The fear of what others might think of me were tough but paled in comparison to the fear that I might let someone else feel alone unnecessarily. There were stories I resisted writing where I forced myself by thinking I could always delete it.

Through revisions, I held onto that little security blanket: Now the world will know!! What are the biggest differences between writing a book and writing a blog? Blog posts are highlights — the people, events, and moments that took my breath away that day or week. Readers react immediately, it starts a conversation.

Books allow you to explore in depth and with perspective — to be able to take peak experiences and put them into context of who these people are and why it matters.

I love both forms of storytelling. Blogs connect in the moment; books, I believe, connect for life. As a professional writer, why is it so important for you to be able to speak comfortably in front of a crowd?

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Speaking in public whether at a bookstore, your church coffee hour, workplace, or on a radio show is an opportunity to deliver your message personally, to touch people in a way only you can.

If you choose to not speak up, your connections will be limited, your impact will be less. I think if my life has an interesting blooper roll at the end of it I will have lived fully.

What are your top three tips to other writers preparing for a public reading? Practice reading out loud. Smile and acknowledge the audience. You will break the ice just by being a nice person.

People are just getting settled, taking your picture and turning their phones off, you have time to settle yourself. Take a sip of water, take a deep breath. This is just part of life, this flight or fight response.

Our brains are wired to feel fear first and figure out what to do second. Your body will settle down once your brain recognizes you are not actually dying, and you will be able to deliver your talk. Oh, and go to the bathroom before!

The world needs you.

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How has your experience working in the publishing industry affected the experience of publishing your own book? Having worked in publishing, I know exactly how much goes into getting a book ready for publication, and how much competition there is in the marketplace.

I also now have a greater appreciation for authors! I used to put them out there in front of audiences, the media and the critics without really knowing how terrifying that can be.6 reviews of Xing Xing Rong Chang "My favorite spot around me love the lo mein.

rong chang writing a book

They are very friendly and give good portions of food. Write a Review. 6. Dutch Broadway Elmont, NY () My favorite spot around me love the lo mein. They are very friendly and give good portions of food. Book a Table in Elmont; Best of /56 Yelp reviews. I found WRITING TO CHANGE THE WORLD at my local bookstore last year and couldn’t resist the flap copy: “[this:] is a book that will shake up your beliefs, expand your mind, and possibly even inspire you to make your own mark on the world.”/5().

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Pages Number: Language: Chinese. Publisher: Hunan Art Publishing House; 1 edition June 1. Research on the Impact of Functional Grammar on Writing Performance The amount of empirical studies examining FG in writing and schooling is limited, and most FG studies include discussions of theory and analysis (e.g., Christie, ; Martin, ; Schleppegrell & Go, ).

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