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What exactly does the flow of prayer mean? By the flow of prayer, I am suggesting that people get into a rhythm of prayer, that Christians find their own stride to prayer.

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This brief blog will focus on the flow of prayer on two fronts. A Dual Focus to Flow and Prayer The first rule to the flow of prayer is Placement log2014 get into the habit of praying—preferably daily.

Just as exercising regularly is advantageous for the body, prayer is beneficial for the mind and soul. Without proper diet and exercise, people can become soft, fat, and lethargic. Without daily prayer Christians can become spiritually soft, slothful, and lethargic. Christians may consider 10 to 30 minutes of quiet reflection and prayer the first thing in the morning as a morning ritual.

However, if mornings are too chaotic, try an evening prayer ritual before bedtime. The second rule to the flow of prayer is to get into the rhythm of the Placement log2014 experience.

Placement log2014

Let the prayer pulsate through your veins, fill your mind, free your soul, and lift your spirit. The flow of prayer, then, is getting the most out of your prayer experience.

Placement log2014

The Psychology of Optimal Experience. The book has been used in the fields of education, psychology, leadership, business, and professional athletics.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time Csikszentmihalyi's flow concept is being applied to prayer. There are certain conditions for a person to experience the joy of flow. The conditions for flow to exist are characterized by two interdependent threads: Appling flow to prayer means that the person praying must enjoy the experience of prayer and be effective at the work of prayer.

The Benefits of Flow The benefits of flow can be easily integrated into a stronger prayer life. First, flow provides a sense of discovery and awe, and a creative feeling of transporting the person into a new reality Flow, A person who has truly experienced God during prayer can feel the awe-inspiring presence of God.

Second, flow moves the person to higher levels of performance, and to previously undreamed-of states of consciousness. Christian mystics--people who are increasingly attuned to the presence of the absolute mystery of God--have often been moved beyond the temporal realm into the celestial realm as they contemplate God.

In short, a strong prayerful experience correlates extraordinarily well with the concept of flow. Flow transforms the self by making it more complex, insightful, and meaningful, and to this end personal growth is achieved.

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A significant time spent in prayer can achieve personal transformation, one of the aims of prayer. In other words, falling passionately and radically in love with God, this is the ultimate goal of prayer. Flow, then, can be a term that describes the process of praying and potentially having mystical experiences--for those who really work hard at prayer--such as visions, locutions, ecstasies, dreams, and trances.

Getting into Flow during Prayer Prayer is a powerful spiritual weapon and an influential psychological device. In all forms of prayer, we are actually dealing with interlocking networks of relationships: When it comes to prayer and flow, the goal in itself is not necessarily all that important.

The prayer experience of encountering God or reflecting on God is creating meaning; therefore, what truly matters is that prayer focuses a Christian's attention and energy, and involves it in an achievable and enjoyable activity.

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