King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay

Many people hailed him as a great king; supreme as the sun he deemed his emblem. Even with his selfish agenda and lavish spending, it is without question that Louis still remains the most excellent and most powerful absolute monarch in European history.

King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay

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Essay: Louis XIV, The Sun King

Louis was neglected as a child in favor of his older brother, Louis, duc de Bourgogne, until he died at age seven. After the death of his father inLouis became the new Dauphin of France.

He received strict education from the Duc de La Vauguyon, which did not sufficiently prepare him to be king. This marriage signified an alliance between France and Austria.

King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay

Despite his title, he had no qualities of a ruler and was extremely unqualified for the job. Nonetheless, he was faced with a government in deep debt and a clamor for resentment against monarchy.

Louis XVI began by reinstating the parlements to gain the trust of his people. He was determined to be a good monarch. France however was an in an economic crisis. To deal with this, Louis appointed Jacques Necker as his financial advisor.

Louis convoked the Estates General, but eventually removed them, causing great anger in the public. The Storming of the Bastille on July 14th confirmed the radical change in the mind of the masses towards the monarchy. French involvement in the Seven Years War left France in a disastrous economic state.

He was eventually convinced by American Ambassador Benjamin Franklin to secretly send supplies, ammunition, and weapons to the Americans. He personally sent Rochambeau and Admiral de Grasse to aid the cause, along with a large land and naval force. Inhe sealed an alliance with the Peshwa Mandhu Rao Narayan.

This begun the French struggle to eliminate British control in India.

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On October 5th,an angry mob of Parisian working women marched on the Palace of Versailles and attempted to kill the queen. Her wasteful and extravagant lifestyle represented all that was despised about the Ancien Regime. In June ofLouis attempted to secretly flee with his family from Paris to the royalist fortress town of Montemedy on the northeastern border of France.

However, they were discovered in a small town in the country and immediately taken back to Paris and placed under house arrest in the Tuileries Palace.King Louis XIV: A Disastrous Ruler Essay Words | 4 Pages King Louis XIV: A Disastrous Ruler It is often debated whether or not the reign of King Louis XIV had a positive or negative effect on France.

- Louis XIV Louis XIV was a good leader for many reasons, some of which will come out in this essay. Louis ruled with an iron fist, he didn't let anyone mess with France, and if they did, he made them suffer.

A comparison and contrast between Charles I and Louis XIV King Louis XIV: Outstanding example of absolute monarch Aim to make himself supreme in Europe Stringent religious toleration (change the Huguenots) King Charles I: Devine right of Kings (monarch’s right to rule came from God) Conflicts with Parliament forced religion Wars .

King louis xiv a disastrous ruler essay

Essay on Louis Xiv of France Connections to Power: With Great Power Comes with Great responsibility. CONNECTIONS or Not to KING LEAR: Not available at the moment. Louis XIV served the longest reign in European history. His time in power saw achievements that seemed unattainable for France, in the time before him.

The age of Louis XIV was essential to European history for a manifold of reasons. King Louis XIV, Man in the Iron Mask Part One: Political Climate Divine Right of Kings: This was a belief held by most monarchs of Europe, including Louis XIV. Divine Right was a political and religious doctrine of absolutism, the idea that a given king was ordained by God.

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