An analysis of the concept of the bible as the greatest work of literature

To view the Bible as literature does not require one to regard it as fictional or to compromise one's view of its special religious authority.

An analysis of the concept of the bible as the greatest work of literature

An analysis of the concept of the bible as the greatest work of literature

Posted on February 28, by ethanponder As we know the Bible has influenced just about every aspect of modern day life, and especially popular culture today. Luckily our beloved show The Walking Dead is chock full of biblical allusions, satires and even directs quotes.

I just thought he had something a little different in mind. What is sown is perishable; what is raised is imperishable. The entire episode is an allusion to the Bible in the character of the woman with the stigmata Agatha Ripp being a Christ like figure, but to me personally seems more of a Mary Magdalene type figure.

Agatha has healing powers and also directly quotes scripture, while at the same time allows the other characters to experience the underlying issues in their life.

While the main characters life and belief is compromised throughout the show a religious concept continually clings to the structure of the entire show.

I think that the writers of this show really racked their brains in order to provide their audience with an idea that would get their point across, and what better than the Bible, the most known literary work in the world.

The Bible provided the writers with concepts such as betrayal, lust, and dishonesty that make it easy for them to get across the subtle and major points that they need to in order to make it very understandable by most any audience. Much like popular television, books have had a similar impact on popular culture throughout the ages.

They ultimately choose the character Nathan who is well versed in biblical theology and was a preacher before the apocalyptic disaster.

Ryken: "Words of Delight": Bible as Literature

Much like the story of King Saul in the book of Samuel, the character Nathan in the book is dispatched, not by murder, but by his own wrong deeds. Nathan is killed by a falling wrong from the cave after disobey the orders of what everyone is insisting, which again alludes to a similar way in which King Saul himself died which has when he fell upon his own sword.

This work of literature is littered with biblical themes, direct quotes as well as allusions and I believe is a prime example of the way in which the Bible has influenced popular culture today.

Below is the trailer for the Novel, This I Know:THE LITERARY STUDY OF THE BIBLE AN ACCOUNT OF THE LEADING FORMS OF LITERATURE REPRESENTED Yet I believe the number is few of those to whom the Bible appeals as literature.

In part, no doubt, this is clue to the forbidding of which the present work attempts to . The Bible King James The Bible literature essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Bible. Many Christians believe that the greatest book ever written is the Bible, similarly many Muslims believe it is the Qu'ran.

Many of my friends say it is Harry Potter, and a lot of English teachers will say it's a Shakespeare play or a Jane Austen novel.

The Bible has great examples of the writing of history, straightforward narrative, poetry, wisdom literature (Proverbs is an example of a common type of ancient literature). The Bible is more than a work of literature, but it is not less.

An analysis of the concept of the bible as the greatest work of literature

It. "Words of Delight": The Bible as Literature These should affect how a person reads and interprets a biblical text.

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The concept of form should be construed very broadly in this. context. Dec 11,  · A further dimension of the literary importance of the Bible is that it is the primary source and influence for English and American literature.

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