An analysis of avalanches in soil and rock

It will construct an integrated and harmonized European volcanological community able to fully support, exploit and build-upon existing and emerging national and pan-European research infrastructures, including e-Infrastructures of the European Supersite volcanoes. The harmonization includes linking scientists and stakeholders and connecting still isolated volcanological infrastructures located at in situ volcano observatories VO and volcanological research institutions VRIs. The volcano is considered one of the most hazardous of Iceland's 32 active volcanic systems.

An analysis of avalanches in soil and rock

In-class case example assumes familiarity with mass movement deposits, joints, structural weaknesses in rocks. The jigsaw version has a preparatory homework that provides this background and could be used with the in-class case example version.

An analysis of avalanches in soil and rock

Higher order thinking skills goals for this activity analysis of data to solve a problem Other skills goals for this activity peer teaching, oral communication of ideas. In class, students receive data assembled from figures in the article on bedrock geology and physiography, as well as stereonets showing orientations of prominent joint sets, bedding, and foliations in the bedrock.

Their task is to answer the question of why gigantic rock avalanches occur is some places but not others in this part of Argentina.

The activity gives students practice in interpreting geologic maps, using stereonets, and peer teaching. The activity also connects structural geology to another geoscience discipline. Short case example version: This is an abbreviated version of the jigsaw activity described above and focuses on only one of the rock avalanche areas.

Determining whether students have met the goals Jigsaw activity: I check each team to make sure that their interpretations are reasonable before they have a chance to teach other students about their area.

Once each student has had a chance to learn about the other areas and data sets from three other students in the class, I draw straws to select students to present brief oral presentations to the class about one of the areas other than their own and about similarities and differences among the areas.

This allows me both to reinforce points and to determine whether students learned from their peers. Short case example activity: After students have worked in pairs on the activity, I draw straws to select students to present portions of the analysis, much as I would do in the jigsaw.

An analysis of avalanches in soil and rock

I have also use this shorter case example as an exam question. More information about assessment tools and techniques. Download teaching materials and tips Version 1: Short case example version Microsoft Word Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, v.Avalanche motion is modeled as a dense granular flow of dry frictional and cohesive particles.

On the basis of granular physics and shear experiments, we review some of the theories for the unexpectedly long runout of rock avalanches.


Different causes are evoked, according to the strength (strong or weak) of the slip surface relative to the bulk. A single soil sample, characteristic of the surficial material of the lower slope was collected from the landslide, from the slickensided debris track left by a molard shown in Fig.

The sample consisted of 30% gravel, 20% sand, 32% silt and 17% clay according to the United Soil Classification System.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Analysis of the statistics of sand pile avalanches using soil-mechanics and concepts | Glass-sphere avalanches have . International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research.

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